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Friday, November 14, 2008


Wanna be happy?? try dis quiz.. hehehe..

1.What's the date today?

2.When was the last time you went out with your friends?
* errrmmm... hari jumaat.. :-)

3.What's the color of the shirt that you're wearing?
* Cream...

4.National anthem that you usually sing?
* Negaraku... tanah tumpahnya darahku...~~

5.What was the last movie that you watched?
* high school musical 3..:-)

6.What song are you listening to now?
* i remember - mocca..:-)

7.How many friends do you know in blogger?
* Baru nak berjinak-jinak.. so, tak ramai lar...

8.What was the last thing that you bought?
* baju baru.. huhu...

9.Who was the last person to ask you out?
* my bro... ajak g muar tgk show kuda kepang... bezznyyyeeee.....

12.How many bags do you have?
* byk jugak... beli sbb nak sesuai dgn imej taim tu... huhuh...

13.You live with?
* family...

14.Have you ever got an 'F' on your report?
* slaloo jer... kuakuakua....

15.Subject that you hate?
* apa2 yg melibatkan angka.. nak muntahlah!(modmath,addmath,account)

16.What's the first thing that made you hate a person?
* Penipu!!.

17.Where's your house?
* klang...

18.What does love mean to you?
* Full of pain...~

19.The last food you ate?
* friessss.... hehehe....

20.are you pissed?
* uihk?

21.Are you in love with someone?
* trying to avoid it...lalala..~

22.Have you ever fallen in love with a guy/girl that's already taken?
* stendet ar... tapi aku tak rampas beb..mengalah ler....

23.When was the last time you cried?
* hurrrmmm... last nite.. sob!sob!.

24.Characteristics of a good friend?
* hargai shbt lain....

25.Do you like to text?
* yezzzaaaa......

26.What's your plan tomorrow?
* tatau lagi....

27.What do you see in yourself?
* luaran keras~ dalaman lembik~ errmm...

28.Which one would you rather choose, the truth that hurts or the sweet lie?
* ofkoz da truth dat hurts..~

29.What time is it now?
* 4.09 am.30

3o.I love you, do you love me?
* yez i do... kakakakaka...~~

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